Gallena University

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The proud history of the Gallena Gophers dates back to the University's inception in 1897. Gallena University was the first university on the west coast to develop a rowing team, carrying on a proud tradition in university sports programs. Today, Gallena’s Athletics program features 17 sports competing at the NCAA Division I level in the Big West Conference.

Athletic endeavors and sports such as baseball, football, and tennis are part of the university's athletic program. Additionally, the university offers every one of its 4,500 students the opportunity to participate in several sports such as volleyball, soccer, and basketball through the intramural program. 

GU boasts state-of-the-art athletic facilities including a new 40,000-seat stadium and two training/workout facilities. These facilities include an Olympic-sized pool, fully equipped gym, and more. Students and athletes alike are provided with the tools they need to keep them competitive in every sport!